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About Blue Metal Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.


Blue Metal Engineering (Pvt.) Limited (BME), incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 in 2012 and started its business in 2013 to meet its objectives. Being an EPCC company Blue Metal Engineering (Pvt.) Limited has outperformed with professional integrity, commitment, responsibility and reliability regarding rendering Project Management Services in the diversified areas of Architectural/Engineering design, Construction, Town Planning, Interior Design, Façade Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services, Product Design and Building Services; Environmental Studies and Reporting like IEE and EIA. We have a competent team of leading professionals in all respects. Together, we find value, develop insights to act on, and energize teams to sustain success.

Our Goals

To be recognized and respected as one of the premier EPCC company within 05 years by delivering profitable, safe and sustainable projects and services for our customers.

Our Mission

At BME, we render services regarding concept of the product, planning the job, executing our plan with intensive monitoring and control functions, and close the project with minimum diversification from our planned work. We produce results/products on behalf of our diverse clients through the application of innovative technology, excellent engineering and in a way that’s good for the client.

Our Vision

Five years from now, BME will become one of the premier project management companies in its chosen area(s) of work by consistently providing a reliable, affordable service for diverse clients < --

Our Team


Blue Metal Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd provide following Services


Blue Metal provides comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Design services encompassing all specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct a single or a complex of buildings. Blue Metal offers the services in the area of master planning, detailed design and planning, landscape design, the integration of urban planning and urban design with transportation and infrastructure planning and design, and on-going master plan implementation services. Blue Metal tries to integrate the principals of sustainable urban design into all of its work. We focus our efforts in providing solutions that reflect the climatic and social realities of the region. Blue Metal Services Include: Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture, Interior Designing. Blue Metal"'"s Design results in an Architecture that is relevant to this Region, employing the State-of -the-Art Technology whilst Design Excellence and Quality of Aesthetics are of supreme importance to BME, a thorough process of cost reduction methods is adhered throughout the design and construction periods on all projects. Project Types include: Residential, Commercial, Office, Educational, Cultural, Recreational, Hospitality, and Healthcare Facilities. MASTER PLANNING & URBAN DESIGN Master planning and Urbanism is about a belief in making sustainable, integrated environments where our buildings become embedded within a city’s fabric. At BME we are not only interested in architecture; we are also deeply interested in their contextual influence. BME offers urban design, city planning, infrastructure design and landscape architectural services to private and public clients. Recognizing that the most successful and livable places are the result of a collaborative effort; our practice seeks a complementary relationship between architecture, infrastructure and landscape to achieve enhanced economic and environmental outcomes for our clients. The BME urban design team creates sustainable master plans and urban infill projects that create exceptional outcomes for municipalities, developers and institutions. INTERIOR DESIGN BME provides comprehensive Interior Design services varying in scale, complexity and type of project. BME design service offerings include: Space planning, Furniture selection and specifications, Artwork selection, Interior landscape, Commercial, Office, Educational, Cultural, Recreational, Hospitality, and Healthcare Facilities. BME develops innovative and elegant design concepts that integrate the historic traditions of the Region with the possibilities and materials offered by the most up to date, World-class technology. ARCHITECTURE & PLANING | Services Blue Metal provides comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Design services encompassing all specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct a single or a complex of buildings. Blue Metal offers the services in the area of master planning, detailed design and planning, landscape design, the integration of urban planning and urban design with transportation and infrastructure planning and design, and on-going master plan implementation services. Blue Metal tries to integrate the principals of sustainable urban design into all of its work. We focus our efforts in providing solutions that reflect the climatic and social realities of the region.

EPCC | Services

BME has the capability to provide EPC services under one roof, by combining our knowledge and experience in the fields. Our organization offers competitive EPC solutions for projects in the construction sector. ENGINEERING BME provides basic and detailed engineering by our competent experts. PROCUREMENT An experienced group of specialists provides procurement services in the minimum time possible. Our multiple operating bases in the region allow us to facilitate fast-track procurement through an established network of suppliers. CONSTRUCTION BME provides complete general contracting services integrating civil, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. COMMISSIONING BME provides commissioning services that are applicable to all phases of the project, from the basic and detailed design, procurement, construction and assembly until the final handover of the unit to the owner.

Maintenance Services

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Public Health Engineering

BME has tried to establish as single quality source for providing end-to-end solutions in Mechanical, Electrical and align = justify align = justify Plumbing works. Its range of services includes: MEP Contracting Consultancy & Designing MEP CONTRACTING BME provides contracting services for all Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing works in projects. It includes bids preparation, planning & execution of works and coordination with all stakeholders. A professional, experienced, trained & educated workforce is deployed to carry out each job. CONSULTANCY & DESIGNING We have complete design setup and professionals for designing of all MEP services. At work sites we provide Project Management, Top Supervision, Coordination Services, Material Consultations, Drawings preparation, Site Visits etc thus ensuring the quality of work with all engineering solutions for MEP services. The scope of services includes: Water Supply: Demographic surveys, study of socio-economic structure of communities, establishment of design parameters, investigations and development of the water supply sources, design of intake structures and treatment works, renovation/extension of existing water supply systems, design of pumping stations, gravity and force mains, design of ground and overhead service reservoirs, tariff studies, preparation of detailed designs, cost estimates and project scheduling and progress monitoring by CPM/PERT methods and construction supervision of water supply systems. Sewerage: Population forecast and socio-economic surveys, study of climatic conditions and sewage flows, infiltration rate, establishment of design criteria, planning and design of sewerage systems, sewage transport mains, sewage pumping/disposal stations, domestic and industrial sewage treatment facilities and outfall structures, re-use of treated effluent, cost recovery and benefit ratio, designs to renovate/rehabilitate existing sewage collection and treatment facilities, services for inspection and procurement and supervision for installation and commissioning of sewage treatment plants. Drainage: Analysis of rainfall data, establishment of runoff, field investigations, establishment of design parameters, planning and design of storm water collection and disposal systems, drainage pumping/lift stations, outfall structures, disposal channels and improvements in the existing drainage systems, services for inspection, procurement and supervision of storm water drainage systems along with disposal pumping equipment installation. Solid Waste Management: Data collection, reconnaissance survey of existing situation, review of institutional set-up, refuse characterization, analysis of data and formulation of proposals for collection, transfer and disposal of solid wastes, design of sanitary landfills and compost stations, preparation of technical specifications of solid waste collection, transfer and disposal equipment, cost estimates and tender documents. Plumbing: Design of cold and hot water supply, fire protection, sewerage, wastewater and storm water disposal systems for all types of public and residential buildings, hospitals, sports complexes, etc. Industrial Wastes: Data collection, analysis, waste water sampling and analysis, establishment of design parameters, design of industrial waste collection and disposal systems, planning and design of treatment process and treatment works, preparation of detailed design, cost estimates and tender documents, tender evaluation and appraisal, services for procurement and inspection and supervision of installation and commissioning of industrial waste treatment plants, chlorination, odor control and related electrical and mechanical equipment.

Environment Sectors

BME provides the following expert services in environmental engineering planning and management: SITE CHARACTERIZATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: Survey and studies of physical resources like geology, topography, meteorology and faulting & seismology, and ecological resources like marine ecology, flora, fauna, endangered species, features of the land use, transportation, socio-economic conditions. ECOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS: Investigations in an environmentally sensitive area, e.g., watercourse, wetland, active dunes, arid lands, or forest area, modification of vegetation, terrestrial and aquatic ecological investigations. ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT: Hazard identification, exposure assessment, dose-response assessment, and risk characterization. ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT: Survey and analysis of potential environmental risks, setting up the environmental protection programme. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: Monitoring the health damage due to the incremental pollution, and estimating the potential risks to the health and safety of workers or neighboring populations. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Assessment of the environmental impacts during pre-construction, construction and operation stages of the project(s), proposing mitigation measures, environmental management, and monitoring according to international standards and guidelines. AIR AND NOISE POLLUTION CONTROL: Analyzing and predicting the air & noise pollutions using computer models. Monitoring the air quality by measuring the recommended parameters like NOx, SOx, CO, CO, and particulate matters. 2 Adopting noise abatement measures like plantation of trees, installation of noise dampening and absorbing media, construction of wall barriers. CONTAMINATED SITE ASSESSMENT AND REMEDIATION: Topographic mapping, photogrammetric and aerial mapping, engineering investigations and construction surveys, route location and design & layout.

Program Management Services

Projects executed by BME take full advantage of its system oriented approach to project delivery, what that means back to the owner and client is time & cost savings with maximum quality for their projects. Well coordinated, properly documented construction documents, accurate cost estimating, commitment to pro-active cost management and quality assurance / quality systems are BME’s cornerstones. OWNER"'"S REPRESENTATIVE: Represents the Owner during the design and execution phase of a project. Responsibilities involve decisions related to design finalization / alternative designs, and action concerning financial issues such as payments to consultants / contractors, and review / approval of variations and / or time extensions / claims. SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT: BME"'"s contemporary approach to management of pre- construction, construction & post-construction stages utilizes internationally recognized scheduling, project control techniques and computer applications such as Primavera project planning modules. Our vast range of schedule management services include but are not limited to: Master schedule development / monitoring & updating Risk assessment / management Detailed coordinated schedule establishment Progress monitoring, control & reporting Claim control / evaluation COST MANAGEMENT: Control of Budgets and estimates during the design process, including post-contract variations, claims and payments both for consultants and contractors. QUANTITY SURVEYING SERVICES: Preparation of budget estimates throughout each stage of the design process. Preparation of detailed Bill of Quantities and contract conditions for tenders. VALUE ENGINEERING: Consider alternative design solutions and material selection to achieve more economical design during the design process. This work is done at various stages of the design process. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: During execution of contract, resolution of disputes between contracting parties, through independent interpretation of contract parameters. ARBITRATION: Independent services as arbitrator, resulting from claims from contractors

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Privacy Policy

Quality Management

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    Quality Assurance Policy Image BMEPL within its strategy of quality control follows the under mentioned principles: Produce and deliver for existing clients, services to a quality fully corresponding to the requirements stated in contracts. In the aspect of Quality BMEPL aims at providing a well reliable system by providing well engineered and cost effective solutions for projects, and by performing our work on schedule. Execute all available measures to efficiently prevent the arousal of client claims or complaints and fulfill all justified expectations, constantly monitor and evaluate client satisfaction. Implement new progressive technologies and expand the assortment of products and ensure the ability of the company to fulfill and be aware of client requirements. Win new clients and keep existing clients by providing comprehensive services fully ensuring client requirements. During quality control apply the process approach to constantly improve and increase efficiency. Develop the qualifications, knowledge and skills of employees with the emphasis on the education of new experts, inspire employees to develop individual quality elements and constantly improve the quality management system.

    Quality Control Policy

    The works shall be subjected to inspection based on the requirements of the contract and approved specifications for each item of work. The inspection activities shall be detailed in quality control plans and procedures. Specialized inspection shall be employed to carry out all inspection activities as specified in the quality plans. The inspectors shall be provided with all the necessary technical data, drawings, specifications, and work procedures. All non-conformance detected on an item of work shall be proceeded as provided for in the quality plans. All quality control/inspection reports shall be certified by the assigned inspector and incorporated in the final project documentation. Final inspections to verify that the completed works with the contract requirements and to ascertain the operational readiness of the works shall be carried out. A check list for the inspection of each item of work shall be developed prior to commencement of work.


    To ensure compliance with the corporate Quality Policy of the company, the procedures and plans shall be audited periodically by management. The project Quality Control Co-ordinate shall develop and implement an audit program for the project. The audits shall be scheduled regularly on the basis of the importance and status of the various work activities. The audits shall be carried out using standard checklist to be provided by the Corporate Quality Assurance Manager. The result of the audits shall be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Manager for evaluation. Audits shall be carried out by personnel who do not have direct responsibility in the area being audited. The audit results shall be documented in standard Audit Report Forms. There shall be follow-up actions to ensure that audit recommendations are implemented.

    Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Civil Structures

    As an independent organization BMEPL reviews and assesses the quality assurance activities for a principal performed by a contractor and/or manufacturer in order to determine the obtained quality in accordance with the requirements. Based on the hold, witness and review points indicated on the (sub) contractor’s quality control plans, BMEPL will carry out the identified quality surveillance activities. These activities are focused on functionality, factory acceptance, and shop and field tests. During construction BMEPL will supervise the progress and quality of the contractor’s activities. In order to do so BMEPL will: Attend contractor(s) progress meetings. Review and check the contractor(s) methods and techniques. Monitor the contractor(s) QA/QC procedures. Review and witness all field tests and inspections. Check and verify the contractor(s) civil completion based on standards. Review and witness all field tests and inspections. Check and verify the punch lists.

    Company Policy

    The quality policy is binding for all employees of BMEPL. All personnel with the company shall perform their duties at all times in accordance with the requirements of this policy. It is the main aim of the QA/QC – system in this policy to prevent or to detect at an early stage any deviation from the above mentioned objectives whereby Quality shall have priority in any case of objectives. For the effectiveness of our QA/QC – system, Quality is assured from inception to the completion of any project. The senior management of the company provides effective assistance, information assurance and training for employees whenever required in order to successfully ensure the fulfillment of the quality policy. The Project Director is authorized to identify Quality problems and initiate, recommend and provide solutions thereto and also to prevent further processing of non-conforming items or activities until non-conformance is corrected satisfactorily. The project Director also at all times shall maintain and control the issue of this policy as well as verifying the implementation of its requirements and as thus regularly report the status and effectiveness of its implementation to the Board of Directors.

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  • As a responsible employer, the health and safety of our employees, customers and contractors is of paramount importance. We aspire to create a culture whereby the management of health and safety risk through risk control and the prevention of harm is part of everyday business. We recognize that by integrating sound environmental, health, and safety management practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer technologically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations. We recognize that managing health and safety risk is a core management activity and an important component of our values. To achieve this objective, we aim to: Comply with the legislation and mandatory codes of practice and standards, applicable. Promote a consistent practice through the phased implementation of the Group Health and Safety Guidelines. Provide appropriate financial and physical resources necessary to achieve these aims. Establish and monitor appropriate management controls, to ensure that any such issues are tracked and escalated and appropriate actions are taken Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to identify, minimize and manage hazards and to contribute positively to safety at work Set performance targets, monitor achievement and report annually on our progress. Strive for continuous improvement in health and safety to a world class performance, using external bench marking and reviews to test its progress Work together with employees and their representatives to improve health and safety, including consultation on health and safety matters. Maintain a clearly documented health and safety management system to deliver the Company Policy and carry out regular reviews to test the system’s effectiveness and enable performance to be benchmarked and improved from experience. Maintain control of contractors"'" work by appropriate specification, supervision and monitoring. Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment; Advocate the adoption of prudent environmental, health and safety principles and practices by our contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Ensure that all employees are aware of their role and responsibility to fulfill and sustain BMEPL’s environmental, health and safety management systems and policy. Safety is non-negotiable At BMEPL, we believe that sustainable success can be reached only through people. No other asset in the company is as important as the people that contribute with their work to our culture and our business results. Therefore, we devote all the necessary energy and attention to protect employees, contractors and any other people involved with the company along the value chain, including suppliers, customers and the public. Compliance To be at the forefront of accident prevention in the industry, we implement in all our sites the mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Management System, which meets or exceeds the requirements of the health and safety laws applicable in the countries in which we operate. Leadership and participation BMEPL recognizes the critical role of senior management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. As an integral part of managing the business, BMEPL managers – at all levels – are accountable for managing workplace health and safety with strong leadership and credibility. Their annual objectives include a contribution to the safety culture and performance. To reinforce an already strong safety culture, BMEPL sets ambitious goals and high standards, as part of its Occupational Safety and Health management process.